Friday – Health


– Metcon: Today’s workout is about aerobic effort/consistent movement the entire interval for the entire 30 minutes. The 6th minute is rest so you’ll be able to catch your breath and assess your pacing. Score = total number of reps.


EMOM for 30 min:

Minute 1: 40s DB Renegade Rows (25, 15)

Minute 2: 40s Mountain Climbers

Minute 3: 40s Alternating Weighted Step-ups (24, 20)

Minute 4: 40s Hollow Rocks

Minute 5: 40s DB Thrusters (25, 15)

Minute 6: Rest


AMRAP in 5 min of:

8 Single Leg RDLs each

10 Standing Banded Rotations each

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