Friday – Health


– Strength: Week 2 Front Box Squats. Only 3% heavier so you can maintain proper bar speed. Remember, we’d rather you move faster than go heavier. Speed > load.

– Metcon: Benchmark workout “Karen”. Try to beat your previous time if you have one. Have a plan before starting on how to partition sets. Hold yourself accountable to hitting the standards.


Front Box Squat: 9 x 3 @ 63%, every 60s.

*Use a 13-15″ Box, normal squat stance, sit back on box + explode up



For time:

150 Wallballs (20, 14) (10′, 9′) (scale weight as needed)

13:00 Cap


2 Options:

1) Reverse Hyper : Accumulate 50 Reps

2a) Reverse Lunge + RDL Combo : 4 x 6 ea. Rest 45s.

2b) Straight Leg Weighted Sit-ups : 4 x 10. Rest 45s.

*2a/2b is one of the 2 options done as a superset

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