Member of the Month – Jessie Millhouse

1.  How did you hear about us? I have known about Crossfit for many years because my best friend, Katie, owns a Box in Cleveland, OH. Our daily chats always consisted of many gym stories and Crossfit terms. I finally decided to see what all of the hype was about. I googled the local gyms in the area and stumbled upon Crossfit Fort Wayne.
2.  What did you do for fitness before CrossFit? Why did you stop? Believe it or not, I once was a pretty good athlete. I grew up playing sports and excelled at Softball. I played on travel teams all through high school and even made it to the girls fast pitch World Series. My softball career got cut a little short in college after I had my beautiful daughter, Isabel. Unfortunately, for the past 14 years, my fitness routine has been put on the back burner. However, CFFW has helped me get back in the game!
3.  How has our gym helped you get back on track with your fitness? CFFW has helped me get back on track with my fitness in many ways. All of the coaches and other members are very motivational. I love coming into the gym and having a workout already made up and ready to go. The coaches definitely keep me in check and don’t tolerate any slacking! Everyone pushes eachother to do their best.
4.  Why did you choose to become a member of CFFW? At the beginning of my journey, I did check out a few different Crossfit gyms and other types of gyms. I participated in several into classes. The one at CFFW was by far the most welcoming and informative. Andrew was very helpful and not intimidating at all. It was easy to get started, and the class times fit my work schedule and family routine. Furthermore, I was impressed with the cleanliness of the gym and equipment compared to the others.
5.  Was there anything that made you feel hesitant before starting? If so, what was it? There were some hesitations before starting at CFFW. The word “awkward” comes to mind. Some of the Crossfit movements are very different then what I used to do when I was playing sports. I was worried about not doing well and looking uncoordinated and weird. I soon learned that the coaches are always willing to help review movements with me to make sure I know what I am doing with good form and technique. Everyone at CFFW was welcoming and positive. The patience and understanding that the coaches have shown me is pretty amazing. As coach Juan put it, I was pretty “green” when I started, but after his help and the help of the other coaches, I think I have improved. I know I have a long way to go, but I truly appreciate the willingness of coaches in teaching me to get better.
6. If you were to refer a friend to us, what would you tell them?  I tell my friends that Crossfit is a fun and challenging work out, and anyone can do it! The coaches at CFFW are there to guide and motivate you. I truly believe that everyone feels a little intimidated and uncomfortable starting something new, but the encouragement of this gym will help get you through it!


Lax Ball x 30s each: – Glutes – Hamstrings – Triceps – Glutes (again)


20 Minutes:

100 Meter Sledpull or Sledpush @ heavy load

100 Meter Farmer Carry @ heavy load

Rest as needed between sets


AMRAP in 18 min with a partner:


8 T2B

12 Russian Swings (53, 35)

12 Walking Goblet Lunges (53, 35) (Total)

*One athlete completes a full round a time

Achievement: (70, 53)

*One athlete completes a full round a time


Tabata of Mason Twists

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