Friday – Purpose / Achievement


– Strength: Take 4-5 sets and build to 80% for our final week of speed front squats. It’s okay if you do not feel as fast this week. As soon as your done with your front squat start warming up squat clean thrusters for Metcon.

– Metcon: This workout is intended to be done at 90% effort. All squat clean thrusters should be completed as fast singles with Burpee Box Jumps being consistent for all rounds. Today is a good day to see where you limit is and not overpace yourself.

Strength / Skill :

1) Speed Back Squats: 5 x 3 @ 75%, every 60s.

2) Standing Box Jumps: 4 x 5 @ a challenging height. Rest 60s. – Same height as last week.

– Achievement: use a weighted vest if possible.

3) Squat Clean Thruster: Work slightly above desired metcon weight. Rest as needed between sets.


“Green Light”

For time:


Squat Clean Thrusters (115, 75)

Burpee Box Jumps (24, 20)

Achievement: (135, 95) (30, 24)

8:00 Cap


2 Options:

– GHD Reverse Hypers: 3-4 x 20-25

– Front Rack Double KB Step-ups: Accumulate 60 Reps

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