Friday – Purpose / Achievement


Skill: We are going through 3 different static gymnastic holds today for 3 rounds.

– Metcon: Today’s workout is intended to be nearly 100% aerobic. Your goal should be to complete your work at around 70% effort today where all of your splits stay within 30s of each other.


Gymnastics Skill Work

3 Rounds for Quality:

30s Tuck Hold or 10-15s L-Sit Hold

10-30s Ring Support

60s Handstand Hold or Walk



5 Rounds of:

Run 400 Meters

20 Ground to Overhead with a plate (45, 25)

12 Burpees to your Plate

22:00 Cap


AMRAP in 3 min:

Max Distance Farmer Carry, UB (heavy)

AMRAP in 3 min:

Max Distance Double KB OH Carry (light)

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