Getting Started


Step 1 – CrossFit 101 or Fast Track

Learn CrossFit’s foundational movements in a class setting and graduate with a better understanding of CrossFit methodology, the lingo, how to set up your workouts, the most common movements, & how to modify your workouts. When you join regular classes, you will enter with confidence and tools you need to succeed. This is a great option for those new to CrossFit. We have two options to complete this course – CrossFit 101 or Fast Track.

Step 2 – Integration into Group Classes

Upon completion of CrossFit 101 or private coaching, you may continue to follow our first level of programming called “Health.” These classes are designed with a focus on continuing to build your fitness foundation. The workouts will be challenging, but will be particularly beneficial for those who want to better learn the movements, become more proficient with their mechanics, and gain the foundational strength that will help them live healthy and graduate into our Purpose fitness classes.

Our “Purpose” program is designed for those who want something a bit more challenging and want to test the levels of their potential.  It will include slightly more complex movements and higher intensity (relative to the person).

Our “Achievement” program is designed for athletes who wish to compete in the sport of fitness (CrossFit Open, local competitions, etc…). This program will include movements and progressions that are complex and specific to our sport. There will be some prerequisites and expectations for all following this program.  Athletes wishing to follow this program will be expected to have solid mechanics in all movements, good foundational strength, and lifestyle practices (nutrition, sleep, etc…) that will support their development as athletes.

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