Monday – Health

This week’s Gong Challenge is to complete three 10-min rowing sessions.


– Skill: Today (and next week) we are specifically focusing on Open WOD gymnastics Skill. This session should be 100% skill development and not tear you up.

– Metcon: Partner up today and come up with a strategy to go through this work in the shortest possible time. Effort should be around 80%.


Choose one movement to work on:

– Kipping Pull-ups

– Handstands / Wall Walks

– K2E


For time with a partner:

500 Single Unders

200 Walking Lunges (BW)

150 Sit-ups

100 Alt. DB Snatches (25, 15) (each arm = 1 rep)

75 K2E

50 DB Thrusters (25, 15)

*One person works at a time.

25:00 Cap


3 Rounds of:

30 Banded Leg Curls each

10 1-Arm Rows w. rotation each.

*Rest as needed.

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