Monday – Purpose / Achievement


– Gymnastics: EMOM superset of 2 gymnastics movements. There should be roughly 20-30s of work each set for movement 1 and 10-20s for movement 2.

– Metcon: We are looking for intervals that stay consistent for all 5 rounds. There should be enough rest (90s-2:00) each round to keep consistent splits otherwise think about scaling further.


Gymnastics Skill + Gymnastics Static Hold

*Spend 10:00 reviewing the kip

EMOM for 8 min:

ODD Minutes: 20-30s Kipping.

Achievement: T2B, Butterfly Pull-up

EVEN Minutes: 10-20s L-Sit or 30s Tuck Hold

Achievement: Option of HS Walking


Every 5:00 x 4 Sets:

Row 500 Meters

60s of Double Under Attempts

25 Russian KBS (63, 35)

Achievement: (50 Double Unders) (70, 53)


AMRAP in 6 min:

30 Banded Pull-aparts

20 Alternating DB Curls

20m Single Arm Farmer Carry (per side)

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