Thursday – Health


– Skill: If you were here last Friday work on refining your skills with the K2E / T2B. In addition, we are going to accumulate volume today.

– Metcon: Each set should be completed at 75% effort. Look to complete all your splits within 30s of each other.


– K2E + Static Hold

*Spend 15 Minutes working on improving K2E efficiency.

Between sets of K2E drills perform a static hold of your choice choosing between:

– Handstand Hold or OH KB Hold x 15-30s.

– Ring Support or Dip Bar Support

*Accumulate K2E Volume During your Skill Sets 20+ Reps


AMRAP in 18 min:

30 Calorie Bike or Row

20 Air Squats

16 DB Hang Power Snatch (8 ea.)

10 Box Jumps Overs (20, 16)

*Athlete choice of DB weight


Plank hold: AMSAP

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