Member of the Month – Meaghan Horner

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How did you hear about us?

My parents discovered Crossfit about 7 years ago. They got into crossfit first and I slowly became more and more interested. I would come to some classes here and there but I finally joined and started coming religiously a little over a year ago.

 What did you do for fitness before starting CrossFit? Why did you stop?

I went to Planet Fitness or the YMCA every once in a while. I never felt like I got anything out of it. I never knew what workouts to do and I wasn’t working hard enough to see results.

How has our gym helped to get you back on track with your fitness?

I love knowing that I will always have someone at CrossFit encouraging me or pushing me to do better. I love that the workouts are already planned out for m.

What was the deciding factor as to why you choose to become a member at our gym instead of another gym in town?

I know when I leave the gym I will have worked as hard as I could. The community is so friendly and encouraging. Something you don’t get at all gyms. My whole family has been a part of Crossfit FW and it’s fun to workout together and  have some friendly competition to make you work harder.

Was there anything that made you hesitate at first about becoming a member? If so, what was it? And how did we help you overcome them?

I thought that it would be too hard but it’s not. I like that you can adjust the workouts to fit your level. Anyone can do it!

What differences have you experienced since starting at our gym?

I started to notice that I can feel myself getting stronger. It takes time and some commitment but it’s so rewarding to see and feel the results you want!



– Strength: 4 sets of Box Squats for speed today. We’ll be running these the next 3 weeks. Make sure you’re able to be explosive on each set. Speed is more important than loading. We’ll then end our sets with 3 x 3 up to a heavy set (not max). Keep track of what weights you use today.

– Metcon: This workout is intended to be more aerobic which by improving the aerobic system we improve our recovery and ability to be powerful with higher threshold movements. Each interval is intended to be a full 60s of work. Keep in mind 18.2 will take place tomorrow so today is not intended to break you down.


Wide Stance Box Squat: 4 x 5 @ 60%, every 60s. Then, 3 sets of 3 of up to a challenging set Wide Stance Box Squat. Rest 90s-2:00

*Same box now working up to a heavy set of 3 resting 90s-2:00 between sets. This should heavy but not a max.


EMOM for 16 min. w. a partner:

Run 100 Meters / 20s Max Effort Row

8 Air Squats

*Reminder of the minute hold an elbow plank.

*One athlete completes the full set while their partner rests ie. Once the minute is up the other athlete goes. Each athlete will complete a total of 8 sets.


3 Rounds of:

30 Dimel Deadlifts

30 Landmine Rotations (total)

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