Thursday – Health


– Strength: Take 3-4 sets and build to a 75% of your 1RM (or a moderate weight). Once we hit 75% we’ll perform an EMOM for 6 minutes working on being efficient with touch n go conventional deadlifts.

– Metcon: Complexes are very challenging in terms of the demand they place on the body. Be careful with not choosing the right load. You should be able to complete all movements without dropping.


Touch n Go Deadlift : 6 x 3 @ 75%, every 60s. – take 3-4 sets for 2 reps each set and build to 75%.


“Complex A”

4 Rounds of:

8 Hang Power Cleans (75, 45)

8 Front Squats

8 Push Press

8 Back Squat

8 Goodmornings

8 BB Rows

Rest 2:00

*All sets must be done without dropping the bar

*Compare to 12/20


3 Rounds of:

20 Banded Pulldowns

10 Single Leg KB RDLs each

20 Landmine Rotations

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