Thursday – Purpose / Achievement


– Skill: Really try to reinforce skills from last week. All work should be done in small sets and not induce high amounts of fatigue.

– Metcon: Today’s piece is about recovery. If you’re performing 18.1 tomorrow over scale and only push about 60% effort today.



Choose one movement to work on:

– Butterfly / C2B Pull-ups

– Handstand Push-ups

– T2B


*Work on refining your skills and accumulating some low-volume work today. This work should not be too taxing or make you sore.



AMRAP in 25 min w. a partner:

20 SDHP (53, 35)

40 Walking Lunges (BW)

800 Meter Run or 1k Row

*One person works, but split intervals in half.



Banded Pull-throughs

Banded Face pull-apart

Double Leg Banded Leg Curls

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