Tuesday – Health


– Strength: Take 5 sets to build to a heavy weighted close grip chin-up and Bar dip superset (bicep and tricep group). Your last set should be close to maximal.

– Metcon: The goal today is to work through each set with 75% effort completing all movements in two sets or less. The 90s rest after each round should allow you sustain your pace. Record all your splits.


1a) Close Grip Chin-up: 5 x 3-4. Rest 60s. Partner / band assisted as needed

1b) Bar / Box Dips: 5 x 4-5. Rest 60s.


4 Rounds of:

100 Single Unders

30 Walking Lunges (BW)

20 Renegade Rows

10 DB Push Press

Rest 90s

*Athlete choice of DB weight today.

*Score = each split

20:00 Cap


Seated Low Band Cleans: 3 x 10-15. Rest 60s.

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