Tuesday – Purpose / Achievement


– Skill: Final week of Skill work with T2B/Handstand. Work on really refining both movements today.

– Metcon: Today’s piece should be around 70-75% effort so you should have no issues working for close to 40s straight with each movement.


1a) Toes to Bar: 4 x 60s of Practice or Volume Accumulation. Rest 60s.

1b) Handstand Hold or Walking: 4 x 60s of Practice of Distance Accumulation. Rest 60s.


5 Rounds of 40s Work/20s Rest:

1a) Unilateral Farmer Carry x 30m. increments.

1b) Hollow Rocks OR Ball Slams (30, 20)

1c) Double Unders

1d) KB Figure 8s

1e) AD or Short Shuttle Sprints


Accumulate: 50 Back Extensions (weighted if possible)

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