Wednesday – Purpose / Achievement


– Strength: Use cluster sets (intra-set rest) to work up to a challenging load of 2.2.2. Goal is 80% of your current max or moderately heavy.

– Metcon: 12 minutes of consistent work using the 200m intervals as “active recovery”. DB Snatches are done open-style alternating in the air and touch n go at ground if possible.


1a) Close Grip Bench Press Clusters: 5 x 2.2.2 (10s). Rest 2:00 – Work up to a challenging set.

– These are NOT done touch n go. Reset on each rep. – Goal for today is 80% of 1RM.

– If needed sub a Close Grip Floor Press

1b) Banded Pull-apart: In between sets perform 10-15 Slow and Controlled Banded Pull-aparts.

2) Spend 10:00 Warming up DB Snatch and Rope Climbs


AMRAP in 12 min:

1 Rope Climb

12 Alternating DB Snatches (50, 30)

200 Meter Run

Achievement: (Legless Rope Climb)

May sub 250m Row or 45s Farmer Carry Carry (50, 35) for the run.


2 Rounds of:

25 KB Hammer Curls

25 Rollback Tricep Extensions

1 Banded Alphabet on each side

*Rest as needed between sets.

*Weights are intended to be light

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